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Friday, November 15, 2019
4:00 PM sharp
Pool Ramada


Fee Payment & Mailing Address

Center Gate Estates Village VI
c/o Pinnacle Community Association Management
PO Box 21058
Sarasota, FL 34276-4058

Architectural Committee

  • Carol Costabile
  • Steve Specht
  • John Theimer

The Board has appointed a 3-member Architectural Committee to advise unit owners on changes they request to Limited Common Elements. The Committee will submit a sufficiently detailed report and recommendation to the Board for approval.

In addition, the Committee shall endeavor to clearly define the term “Limited Common Elements” as it pertains to our community. This redefinition will be submitted to the Board for approval and then submitted for community approval in the By-laws.

Please Don’t Ignore This!

October 18, 2019


Please Don’t Ignore This!

I’ll start with the quick and dirty. Please clean up after your pets. They’re doing what they should be doing outdoors. How about following their example?

Next, Lynda Canelakes has resigned as Vice President, for personal reasons. She stayed on longer than she wanted to in order to help me grasp the job. She is now a friend, and she is the best of us. Thanks, Lynda.

Next, I wish I could say that the people have spoken. That means, 22 people voted in favor, four people voted against, and 11 people did not vote. The three votes we needed to carry the motion could be amongst the 11 people who did not vote. Some have said that certain people changed their minds after I explained the full meaning of the amendment, and are encouraging me to give a fuller explanation of the consequences.

With all of this in mind, I’m going to give this my best and last shot to explain why this is such an important measure and why it should be approved, because we’re going to give it another run on November 15th at the annual budget meeting.

  1. Since all our roofs will need to be replaced within the next 3 to 5 years, this amendment really only deals with conflict resolution for those who feel they don’t want to be forced to replace their roof. If your roof-mate needs a new roof next year, chances are you’re going to need one soon anyhow.
  2. The only cost for this amendment would be if you or your roof-mate’s roof needed to be replaced within the next three years, slightly sooner than a typical roof needs to replacement.
  3. Even if it’s you that needs a new roof next year, this amendment provides an amicable and fair solution to replacing your roof with your roof-mate.
  4. Nothing in this amendment prevents future associations from trying to get the best deal from any roofing contractor to replace all the roofs at once to get the best price for everyone.
  5. I heard the word “assessment” bandied about last Sunday with numbers between $1,000 and $5,000. Since a special assessment is a one-time fee, the only assessment that would cover the cost of a new roof would be $15,000. Good luck with that.
  6. Home equity financing is probably an option for all of us. For those with the gift of prophecy, A) you either know that you will meet your maker within the next 3-5 years or B) you know that you won’t be living in Center Gate in the next 3-5 years.

    If situation A applies, a new roof is not your problem (really)
    ; it’s your heirs’ problem and a good one at that. They get a free house and all it costs them is $15,000 for a new roof. If they choose to sell the house, see situation B below.

    If situation B applies, you buy the new roof and increase the value of your house at the time of sale, in which case the buyer is paying for the roof.
  7. Finally, for good ole’ lucky #7, if this doesn’t pass and you and your roof-mate don’t see eye to eye, you will both be hiring lawyers to resolve this in court. Guess what? There’s nothing in the Association rules that addresses this situation, so the Court will be a crap-shoot, and you will have paid the lawyers for nothing.

Hopefully, you have read all of this, and it moves you to vote in favor of the amendment.

Around November 2, you will receive in the mail from Pinnacle a copy of the amendment, the proxy/ballot received previously, and this explanation. All of this will also be on the website.

Please do not assume that it will pass without your involvement. If you want the protection of this amendment, then you must take action. Print the proxy/ballot, sign it at the bottom, and vote accordingly.  Click here for the amendment.

You can either mail it to:

Ginny Deck
2904 Hyde Park St
Sarasota, FL 34239

Or fax it to Ginny at:


Or email it to Ginny at:

If you have already voted, your vote is on record.

All votes must be on the paper ballot.

If you want to change your vote, send a new ballot, & mark it new.

Additionally, we will be voting the Budget for 2020.


Friday, November 15, 2019

4:00 PM sharp, Pool Ramada


Pavers Pass, Roofs Collapse
October 14, 2019


To those of you who could not/did not attend yesterday’s Membership meeting, your neighbors voted to repair the pool deck with pavers and declined to amend our Declaration of Condominium.

Thanks in particular to my fellow Boardies, who worked so hard and so diligently for months to do something good for the community. We all knew it was a thankless job, but much appreciation was also shown yesterday.

 We needed a quorum of 19 unit owners and had 26, so thank you to those of you who took the time to participate in decisions affecting your future. Thanks also to those who sent a proxy or voted in advance. I do understand that it wasn’t possible for everyone to be there, but we did try to find the most convenient time to allow for participation.

 Also, we needed a two-thirds majority of the current 37 unit owners to vote for the amendment, which meant we needed 25 affirmative votes, but we only got 22. I suspect some people voted with their pocketbooks, meaning they didn’t want to be forced to replace their side of the roof if they didn’t have to do so.

 Am I bitter? No. Disappointed? Yes.

 A final thought for the negative voters: What if your roof needed to be replaced and your roof-mate’s didn’t?

 If only foresight were as good as hindsight.

Q & A on the upcoming vote
October 1, 2019


Hi folks – Because we’re not legally allowed to post the meeting minutes on the website until they have been approved at the next meeting (two months later), some people have questions because they feel out of the loop. I’ll try to answer the common questions here.

  • Fees will NOT increase either because of the switch to pavers or the roof amendment. We have the funds set aside for the pavers.
  • Pavers have been thoroughly discussed and researched. The three B’s of the BOD (B.J., Bill, and Bruce) have visited other projects done by the prospective paving contractor. For more information, check out the most recent Minutes on the website.
  • The proxy is for anyone who cannot attend the Oct 13 meeting.
  • The roofing amendment didn’t quite match the concept the BOD agreed to when it was returned in “legalese”. I caught one change before sending it to you and Diane caught one afterward. Unfortunately, I was in transit driving to visit family in SC last Thursday when this was all being dealt with. The correct version is attached and on the website. Paper copy is also being sent out today.
  • Roofing inspection/estimate fees should currently amount to zero, but looking to the future, that may not always be the case. The whole point of this exercise is to clarify the rules so that future generations don’t find themselves in our position.
"Stuff" to Know in the Next Two Weeks
September 30, 2019


We’ll be voting on October 13. This document contains the:

  • Agenda,
  • Proxy, if you can’t be there in person,
  • Proposed Amendment,
  • and an explanation of the process.

Remember, each unit gets only one vote!

  • Save the Dates!
    Oct 27 Nov 3 – Neighborhood BBQ
    Dec 8 – Holiday Mix and Mingle

We now have an Architectural Committee to help interpret and decide those gray areas for the Limited Common Elements. Please thank them for their willingness to get involved.

Some Details on the Next Board Meeting
September 21, 2019


Hi Neighbors – Thanks again for your input on the Membership Meeting Survey. In all, 12 people contributed to the survey and others shared thoughts via email. I didn’t have time to continually revise as people shared, so I just waited and cut off after September 14. See the results here.

The actual best way to read the small print is not to print, but to zoom in with your browser.

After much deliberation, we’ve decided to leave the roof responsibility if the hands of the unit owners. We simply can’t afford to do otherwise.

The simplest and fairest solution we found to resolve the roofmate issue is presented in this document.


The document also contains two other items that we’ll be discussing on September 24, and two that we’ll be voting on October 13.


Followup to "We Need YOUR Input!"
September 4, 2019


Hi Neighbors – I want to thank those of you who have blessed us so far with your input and your kind words. These are big decisions facing us and I would rather have this awareness of your thoughts than proceed in the dark and end up finding ourselves on the wrong side of what you want.

Six people completed the survey and two others sent more lengthy thought via email. I’ve edited both of the emails only to remove identifying information and added them to this file on the website. Page one has answers to the first four questions, page two has the lengthiest response, and page three has the answers to the five questions regarding specific issues that face us imminently. The actual best way to read the small print is to zoom in with your browser.

I’ve also asked Lynda to get quotes from Shue-Kauffman (the same roofers used in 2004). We have quotes for the 3 BR and the 2 BR units. Not accounting for inflation over 20 years (which we must), the average fee increase if the BOD resumes responsibility for the roofs would be roughly $56.63 per month, less the $25 we already increased in 2018.

Per UnitMonthly over 20 years

Assuming a steady 2% inflation rate over 20 years, the costs increase as follows:

Per UnitMonthly over 20 years

Personally, I would rather not do this for a variety of reasons. The simplest solution would be to find a way to resolve the roofmate issue.


So! I’m trying to help us all make INFORMED decisions! Please read this and the survey results on the website, and come to the September 24 meeting prepared to discuss thoughtfully and hopefully come to a consensus.

We scheduled the MEMBERSHIP meeting for Sunday at 4 p.m. so that as many owners as possible could attend. We’ll take the results of the September meeting discussions and have our lawyer draw that up in the proper format to vote on at the October meeting.

Needless to say, time is of the essence in arriving at clarity. The September BOD meeting results must be sent to the lawyer the next day in order to have our motions reviewed, formatted for proxy voting, copied, and mailed by Friday, September 27 to arrive by Monday, September 30 in order to comply with 14 days notice for Membership voting meetings.

Muy Importante! We Need YOUR Input!
August 27, 2019


Hello Village Sixers! – This is a three-page linked attachment describing issues facing us as a community and possible solutions. We’re proposing by-law changes and expenditures that I’m sure you will want to know about and share your input.
Hold the Dates!
  • Board Meeting – Tuesday, September 24, 2019
    4:00 PM at the Pool Ramada
    Your suggestions and input on these issues are requested.
  • MEMBERSHIP Meeting – Sunday, October 13, 2019
    4:00 PM at the Pool Ramada
    Your Votes on these issues are REQUIRED
Kay Kellerman
July 24, 2019


Kay was taken to Doctor’s Hospital at the end of June and has been traveling between there and Hawthorne Village ever since. Her daughter Kristin has been checking in on Kay’s villa and giving Susie Martin updates on Kay’s condition. Here is the latest update by her daughter.

“Hi, Bruce. I am Kristin Smoke, Kay Kellerman’s daughter, and Susie Martin suggested I give you an update on my mom. She has had issues from her congestive heart failure since the end of June which included 2 stays at Doctor’s Hospital. She is still quite weak, but is getting physical and occupational therapy 6 days a week at Hawthorne Village, where she is receiving good care.


She is not quite strong enough for visitors, but if anyone wants to send her a card or note, it would probably be best to send it to her home address, 4512 Lake Vista Dr. and I will see that she gets it. I don’t think she will be able to go back home for awhile, we are just taking it one day at a time. Even though she is 96 years old, she may be able to get strong again, as she has in the past.
Just wanted to update you.”

News from the Front
July 3, 2019
Hello Section Sixers – With our new Community Association Management company, Pinnacle, your Board has been busy. Among the things we’ve been dealing with:
  • After hearing and experiencing numerous complaints about landscaping and irrigation, I have asked Pinnacle for other vendors from whom to obtain quotes. I also authorized Bill to tell Ambex and Garcia that we need immediate improvement or they will be replaced.
  • Lynda has written a policy and instructions about our new grille for community usage. You will find that policy posted on the website and in the Pool Ramada.
  • Pinnacle has retrieved all of our documentation from Prokop and I will be slowly scanning it and archiving it on the website.
  • With the advent of Pinnacle, we will finally be able to budget correctly and discover exactly how much money we have to spend on our projects.
  • We’re still looking for the best quotes for the pool deck. This seems to be an issue beginning before my time, but at least we know now that pavers are the best option. Since this would be a structural change, when we’re ready with information, we’ll hold a community meeting for your vote.
  • Pinnacle has been helping us find banks that will give us a much better rate on our reserve funds.
  • We’re exploring the cost to clean and paint the lampposts black.
Now here’s the big one. Our next meeting is on July 30th and I would really like as many of you as possible to be there. I’ll be opening the floor for as much discussion as time allows for your input. Bring up a topic, say your piece, then let neighbors speak to the same topic. It should be civil, to the point, and productive. We represent you but if you don’t tell us what you want, it’s up to the Board.
Some of the topics we already know we’ll be discussing are: roof repair and replacement, how to manage roof mate issues, garage doors, and your general outlook on customizing the limited common elements sections of our By-Laws. Over time, decisions by different Boards and property management companies seem at times to be in conflict with each other, so I want to get a sense of what you want and then codify that to take away any confusion.
Update to Pinnacle Transition and regarding automatic monthly fee payments

June 14, 2019

Hello Section Sixers – I have been working with Jason at Pinnacle regarding automatic withdrawals so, at this point, there is no need to do anything to your automatic withdrawals.

Pinnacle is working with the same bank so they are in the process of taking care of that on the back end for the July 1 payment.

More news to come as available!

Updates on the transition from Prokop to Pinnacle

June 13, 2019


Updates on the transition from Prokop to Pinnacle

Hello Section Sixers! We will have a Transition Newsletter for all owners no later than June 26 with helpful information.

Regarding monthly fee payments, if you sent your payments to Prokop in the past (versus paying the association bank directly), here is the new payment address:

Center Gate Estates Village VI
c/o Pinnacle Community Association Management
PO Box 21058
Sarasota, FL  34276

If you have an automatic withdrawal, I would cancel it and send your July payment to the address above.

More news to come as available!


June 2, 2019

The biggest news is that the Board announced a special meeting by a telephonic conference call for May 24. Four Board members were available and five of your neighbors were available to attend also. The Board voted unanimously to terminate our relationship with Prokop P.A., Community Association Management. Pinnacle Community Association Management will be our new Community Association Managers as of July 1, 2019. By that point, each unit owner will have at the least received an introduction to Pinnacle and new payment information. If you have questions about this change, some of your answers can be found at this link or feel free to contact any Board member.

Also, in our efforts to make the pool area more family-friendly, Lynda Canelakes, our VP of Good Cheer, had our new barbecue grille delivered and installed last Tuesday! It’s in the Pool Ramada and Lynda is busy writing the community rules concerning its usage so that it stays fit and clean for everyone!

Lynda is also leading the way to brightening our entrances with colorful “flowas”, as we Jersey boys and girls would say.

Next, from Sharlene this week: “I know a lot of you have been receiving complaints about the grass dying and the irrigation not working. In some cases the irrigation systems are having issues and they are being worked on. However, please remind your unit owners that the extreme heat, winds and no rain is the real issue. The county limits the days that associations can run the irrigation. If it is run more often than allowed the association will be fined by the county. We experience this every spring/summer until the rains start. Most of the established grass/plantings will come back once the rains begin. If they don’t then the boards will need to address it at that time.”

Finally, on the bummer side, we didn’t get enough people to sign up for the  Power Washing discount for you from Michael Panebianco. Sorry about that, but you can still reach him at 941-504-9675.

Prayers, please.
May 25, 2019
From B. J. Ratigan:
Abbas Ar-Rushdi, of 4515 Lake Vista Drive.
Abbe’s wife, Nayareh, told me this morning that Abbe passed last night. He had been in hospice. There will be a service for family only. 
Feedback for the May 14 meeting and more, please.

May 14, 2019

As promised, the Color PDF of the information I presented regarding our accounting position today can be found at this link. If you missed the meeting, this is important, folks.

Updated May 15, 2019 10:53 a.m.

I called Andrew Tyack, the CPA who does our taxes a little while ago. After explaining the situation, he is 100% in agreement with — me. You can see my email here.

If you don’t mind, could you please take a minute to send me your thoughts about what transpired? Just click this link and drop me a line.

Finally, we’ve obtained a Power Washing discount for you from Michael Panebianco. He’s worked in the Community previously and some of you may know him. This offer needs ten people to sign up in order for the discount to apply and it only lasts through May 31, 2019, so get more details and sign up here now!


Prayers, please.

May 7, 2019

Our sparkplug of a neighbor, Roberta “Bobbi” Gause, of 5648 Lake Vista Ct, is in hospice at Doctors Hospital.

Update May 8, 2019

Bobbi passed away this morning at 7:00 a.m.

She will be missed.

Two Guys Walk Into a Bar

The first guy says to the second guy, “Whatever happened to Billy Bob?”

The second guy says, “Oh, he’s over in Center Gate now. Village 6, I think.”

First guy, “Center Gate? Which one?”

“The Estates, Center Gate Estates, Village 6, I’m pretty sure.”

“Hmm. You have an address for him?”

The knowledgeable one says, “Nah, but you can look him up. They’ve got a website.”

“Really? What is it?”

“Here, write this down. They’ve got all kinds of helpful stuff over there. Ready? Just look on the top right menu for ‘Map, Contact Us’ and click on it. Then look down at the bottom of the page and there’s a big old button you click on, and up comes the Owners Directory!

“Wow. Easy, peasy! They should all be like that!”

“I know, right? But there is a downside.”

“What’s that?”

“Ya have to pay for your own electricity for the computer unless you go to the library. Just sayin.”

The Primary Purpose of Participating


I saw a great bumper sticker the other day that reminded me of why I need to vote. For those of you who would clutch your pearls if I didn’t modify the first line, I’ll change it.

Get off your lazy “butt” and vote.

If you don’t vote, you get what you get.

I’ll now take this to the next logical extension and change the word “vote” to “participate” because that’s what we need to do in order to effect change.

When you refrain from voting or participating in any part of society that has governance over how you live, as I did until later in my life, I suddenly realized the Truth of that bumper sticker.

“Getting what you get” is other people, people who participate in active governance, making rules or laws that you have to live by. You may not like those rules, but hey – you had a chance to make yourself heard and didn’t take it.

Well, here’s your chance to learn about what your local, friendly Condo Association Board (you know, those people who decide what your maintenance fees are, how the money is spent, when the units get painted, and things like that) is up to on your behalf. And it’s your chance to give your input and be heard.

On this website (, you’ll find lots of valuable information, but you’ll also find the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the Board so you can complain communicate directly. I’m also starting to create surveys (some to collect your input anonymously) if that makes you feel better.

The whole point is to listen to the community and serve all with Integrity. If you don’t participate, you get what you get.

Bruce Gandy

Quick Update from the Front


Hi Neighbors! I just wanted to thank you for the feedback on the website and the way you’ve been using it. We’ve gotten subscriptions, updates to the Directory, and corrections to the map!

The biggest thing you can do to help is to update your listing in the Directory, especially with an email address, if you have one. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to watch me wander the community in the dark placing printed copies of our notices in your newspaper box. If you see that, please don’t call the police on me; I live here!

If you don’t have a computer, you could always take advantage of this wonderful communication tool at a library or your smartphone (if you have one). You could also sign up for a free email address at websites like,,, or my favorite, Please encourage your neighbors to check us out.

By the way, I taught my first Email class for AT&T back in 1989. I think the fad is here to stay.

I look forward to seeing you and getting to know more of you better at our next meeting on March 11 at 4:00 p.m. in the Pool Ramada. Until next time …

Bruce Gandy

President's Welcome

Hi Neighbors! If you’re surprised to find that I’m your new Board president, you’ll have to get in line. I’m more than surprised; I’m shocked. I went to the Pool Ramada meeting because I had been asked to join the Board and when all was completed, I had been elected president.

However, after some minor consideration, I started to feel that I was in the right place at the right time. I view the role of the Board as one of service to the community. Our job is to listen and make the responsible choices that maintain the safety, lifestyles, and property values that we have all invested in. While the Board has been tasked with leading and making those decisions, as a community you are invited to share in this task.

One of our biggest priorities is to live within our means before attempting larger, costly new projects. And that’s where your input comes in.

No one lives in a vacuum. I assure you that your input will be heard and the best decision that we, as mere humans, can make, will be made for the entire community. With that said, welcome to your new website! Check it out and check back often, or subscribe below for updates.

I hope to send a monthly newsletter, the meeting minutes will be posted here, and you can send me a message here. We’re working on finalizing the community directory, but the biggest issue seems to be that some of us haven’t responded to requests to update the Unit owner/renter information. If you are in this category, please reach out to your local, friendly, Board member to help us update the Directory or click here.

We’ll also be posting surveys here for you to make your voices heard. For those without email or web access, we’ll continue to use paper.

Your Board is listed on the right (or below if you’re viewing on a smartphone), but let me finish by showing you what I sent the current Board the night of my election to give you a little more insight into what is coming.

Hello, fellow Boardies – Well, as my father used to say, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Or, “Why is there never enough time to do it right, but there’s always enough time to do it over again.”

With your help, and I appreciate your willingness to stay tonight to get a little organized, I always feel that a little organization up front keeps things from slipping through the cracks and saves time in the long run. None of us has time to waste so I’m hopeful that we can help each other to live up to the responsibilities placed upon us. From the tone of today’s meeting, members of the community have thoughts and complaints that they want dealt with and don’t seem to feel as if they have been. I’m sure we’ve all been in their place, so empathy and actions can go a long way to regain that trust and maintain the standards and property values that make Center Gate Estates Village VI a nice place to live.

Bruce Gandy

Bruce Gandy


Vacant Position

Vice President

Bill Wilson


Diane Marcello


B. J. Ratigan

At Large Member

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