Center Gate Estates Village VI

Sarasota, Florida

Comcast Survey

Our contract with Comcast is scheduled to renew at the end of 2021. Currently, we will pay them $21,000 this year. The service they provide for that money is minimal and most of us pay them directly for more up-to-date service options. However, by contract, what we pay directly is in addition to the Basic service Comcast provides.

In the next year, we will most likely have to paint all the units and pave the roads. Either prices have increased since original Reserve budgets were forecasted, or previous Reserve budgets were underestimated, or both. The point is, our Reserves are underfunded.

If we can get out of our contract with Comcast, we can save roughly $21,000 per year. But, each unit would pay Comcast directly about $46/month. If we split that by reducing the Maintenance fees by $23/month, the total increase would be $23/month and the Association would save $11,500/year toward our Reserves.

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